Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Galco Gear

If you haven't heard of Galco, they are a great brand of police and military gear. You can find some of their products at LAPoliceGear.com. They have Galco holsters that are used by federal law enforment, and even Hollywoods stars. Galco is considered one of the top brands in the industry. LA Police Gear is having a special on Galco holsters, and when you order one, you can get a free coffee mug. They are also offering free shipping on Galco orders of over $75. So check the site and get yourself a free coffee mug along with your order.


Shaan said...

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Shaan Haider

Scorscha said...

Galco gear is pretty good stuff. I purchased a vest for a friend of mine in the middle east.

LuvsaKnight said...

Thanks for the info on Galco, my son is thinking of going to the Police Academy and this would be a site that he would enjoy visiting. I will pass it on to him. Thanks again, I've read most of your reviews and you do a great job.