Saturday, July 26, 2008

How Would You Like to Save?

I have been saving money for about a year to get ready for my trip to Mexico, and it hasn't been easy. I wish I would have known about the many options that WaMu has for saving money. It's really cool. You can open an Online Savings Accounts with Wamu for as little as $1.00! I've never heard of something so cool. Plus you can access you money with a debit card. They also have a savings service called Statement Savings. With this service, you get the same rate no matter how much you deposit, and you can open this account with as little as $5. Then there's getting a traditional, an online cd, or a liquid cd. Getting a CD is the best way to save if you know you can put your money away for a while, because you get a higher interet rate. The traditional CD lets you lock interest rate for one month, or up to ten years. You can even improve your rate with a feature they have called "Bump Rate". I think it's very progressive of Wamu to offer such a variety in ways to save money, because that is something that everyone should do. Seems like they are a little ahead of the crowd.


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome. I had no idea that WaMu offered so many different savings account options. I wish I had known about that when I was saving money for my trip to India! I will definitely look into that! Thanks!

buddys said...

Thanks for the tips! That really sounds good. I'm wondering if I shouldn't start a savings account at WaMu. Good luck on your saving for your move to Mexico. And good luck with your schooling.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the info on Wamu. ING is also a good place to save. It's an online bank, but it's FDIC insured and they offer great rates.