Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go Natural Whenever You Can

I love to be healthy and make better decisions for my body whenever I can, and some places just help make that much easier. Whole Foods Market is one of those places. They are now running a podcast about natural health alternatives. In case you don't know who Whole Foods Market is, they are the worlds leading suppliers of natural and organic foods. So, I guess if anyone should be talking about natural health alternatives, it should be them.

This months podcast is called "Natural Salon". In this podcast, John Masters gives you cutting and styling tips, and how you get get your perfect style with all natural ingrediants. He is the founder of John Masters Organics personal care products and salon. I think the podcast is a great idea, and can be so informative to everyone. So, check out to view the podcast, and start taking care of your whole body.


Ted said...

I'm liking this blog! I'll bookmark it and check back later!

Cas Countz said...

My mate and I discovered Whole Foods last year and are just wowed by it. Living in a healthier manner is a choice all of us need to be making. My only complaint is that for those on lower incomes, it is very difficult to do.

Anonymous said...

I have been choosing to live and eat healthier as well. Whole Foods is great!